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Awesome baja

Took longer to unbox than to install. Super easy. Looks great. Can’t wait to install lights. One thing worth mentioning. Front camera on grill sees the bumper and warns the driver that an object is near.

Great Fit and quality

These panels really suprised me. All fit great except the rear door handle was off by 1/2 inch. But they look AWSOME and a fair price. I would definitely recommend them.

Van Speed Lagun Spacer mount

The spacer mount is beautifully made of steel and powder coated for durability and looks. It fitted perfectly where I wanted it and supports the Lagun mount ..

just what we were looking for

We were looking for a way to mount our lagoon table that didn’t involve attaching it to the seat. This was the perfect option. We actually secured it to our l-track. This involved widening the mounting holes but we did that without issue. So happy we found this.

Soild with only 3 minute installation!

This custom fabricated Transit grab bar is just perfect and actually lined up with the factory holes for a literal three minute installation! Love the light texture feel as well! Thanks, Van Mart!

Rear step

The best I could find! Wide enough to sit on too!!!

Just Buy it!!

To have the ability to install Spot lights in the perfect location for such a great price, is amazing! If you’re on the fence, just buy it!! They look great, are built great, and are affordable!! Thank you Van Mart for awesome products!!

Bad ass bumper!!

This is one of the cheapest yet best upgrades for my sprinter! It looks bad ass and it didn’t break the bank! It was simple to install and allowed me to mount much needed fog lights! I would recommend everyone with a sprinter to purchase and install! Thank you Van Mart for such a great product!

Sprinter Capsules
This is cool!

I'm really satisfied with this product, and thanks to it, my car has been upgraded significantly.

Great capsule and straightforward installation.

Just installed the transit capsules. Great fit from VanSpeed and the quality appears top notch. The included adhesive is the right amount to get the job done.

I purchased the package that came with CRL windows. I was a little let down on the quality of the window. Some slightly damaged components and difficult to align holes on the retaining ring. Clearly this is not a Vanmart or VanSpeed issue, but I expected more from CRL.

Get the VanSpeed capsules for sure! With the time and money!

Excellent Addition to Our Van Adventures - Sprinter Side Steps

I recently purchased the Sprinter Side Steps and I couldn't be happier with the value they've added to our van. As someone who loves van adventures, these steps have significantly enhanced our experience.

Ease of Access and Safety: The steps have made getting in and out of the van much easier and safer, which is a huge plus. Whether we're parked at a scenic spot or just loading up for a trip, the convenience and safety these steps provide cannot be overstated.

Effortless Installation: I was pleasantly surprised by how easy these steps were to install. The process was straightforward and didn't require any specialized tools or skills, making it accessible even for those who aren't mechanically inclined.

Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond functionality, these side steps have also added a sleek and stylish look to our van. They blend seamlessly with the van's design, enhancing its overall visual aesthetic.

In conclusion, the Sprinter Side Steps from The Van Mart are a fantastic investment for any van enthusiast. They've transformed the way we use our van, making each journey more enjoyable and hassle-free. Highly recommend!

Great product and easy to install

I wanted some protection for my under carriage on my 2023 Entegra Launch 4x4, but didn’t want to add a lot of weight. I also wanted a bolt on solution with no modifications to the OEM Mercedes chassis. I found this VanSpeed product by seeing Orange13’s YouTube video. I liked the product and decided to buy it in safety orange. Ordering and shipping were seamless. Install was pretty straightforward using Orange13’s YouTube video. I used some aluminum sheet to blackout the logo cutout to provide additional protection to the second alternator on my van. I think the overall appearance on my van looks awesome. I would highly recommend this product, in any color.

Awesome product and awesome customer service

If you still hesitate you can just go blindly and buy the capsule, the look is incredible, the finish and details are crazy good, for tall people you can sleep side by side and the customer service is more than excellent.

I really want to mentioned that point (excellent customer service) because it is important to me, the first capsule I received arrived with a little chip in the corner and vanspeed has been super reactive and sent me a new one right away. They are very nice people and they will try hard to fix the issue quickly.

Like I already said go for the capsule. Thank you very much to the team 👍

Sprinter Capsules
Zachary M.
Capsule purchase

I ordered the capsules approximately 3.5 weeks ago. They took about 2.5 weeks to get here. I took them to a local body shop to get painted and already picked them back up today. I test fit the capsules to the van and test fit my slider windows as well. The fit was extremely good. I am happy I chose these over some of the competitors out there as they have more room and excellent workmanship. I look forward to installing them this weekend.

Must have for sleeping sideways in a Transit

These are easily modified to make work with the extended length transit (handheld planer and orbital sander make it easy). Quality is superb and they look fantastic. We are very happy with the extra 6" of bed length that they provide and plan to use them again on our next van build!

Solid Bumper - East to Install - Clean Look

Opted for pickup instead of shipping.

Install was incredibly easy. Literally just undid some OEM bolts and put in some new ones. I installed this with some Baja Designs lights.

Only bummer is my cruise control sometimes doesn’t work - I think because of the bumper. But I’m going to do some trouble shooting to see if the positioning of the lights can fix that.

A well made lighter weight skid plate - with fairly easy DIY installation

We don’t do any serious off-roading in our Sprinter 4x4, but we do take it on some fairly rough forest service roads on occasion. I also have been searching for a way to provide some protection to the engine components from road salt etc, But, not having a way to lift the van, I’ve been searching for something that was easy to install, and did require any grinding or drilling. This skid plate seems to fit the bill. The shipping time was fast and the packaging was outstanding. Like others have said - there are no installation instructions included - which is a bummer. But I had watched a video on YouTube, and that, coupled with studying the one photograph they give you of the skid plate, was enough to get it installed. The components are well made. While it is a bit of struggle installing this without lifting the van, it is doable. It’s just close quarters at times. My only real difficulty came with trying to align the holes where the front plate joins the back plate, but eventually I was able to jiggle and maneuver everything in place. I am very happy with the look of the skid plate. It should offer some impact protection and also keep the engine components protected from road salt, etc. I have not yet been able to tell if it helps with road noise, or with MPG. But theoretically both are possibilities.

144” Capsules

Item showed up well packaged and in great shape. Very little prep work needed to paint. Install went smooth and easy and the capsules look great and the extra inside space is awesome!! Great product and would buy again!

Hood strut

Easy peasy to install and makes much more sense to have on the hood. The Sprinter hood is pretty hefty and these work much better than the little tiny stick support they use!

Fuel Angel
A great tool to avoid misfueling

There is always a first…and this first can be a very expensive accident in case of wrong type of fuel used. I consider this to be a preventative investment to make fueling mistake proof.

Installation is really like 3-5min (including getting the tool out of the storage), you only need a socket and a wrench. Super easy!

Side steps

The steps are a nice install and wide enough to accommodate a big foot!!! Love them.

Sprinter Capsules
Reyes I.S.
Perfect fitment

Love the look of these on my van and the space the provide as well.

A step above the rest!

Installation was a breeze and made life a whole lot easier getting in and out of my AWD 170!!!

Absolutely Essential

With my disability I couldn't get into our Sprinter without these.I am so glad that I got these and my stepson installed them in just a few hours.

Essential for access!

Size & coverage of this step is great for versatile access inside the van and to ladder. It does however lead to needing a hitch extender for hitch mounted bike rack.