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Got it in such a short time! Great service!

Honest Review

Love our bug screens, they were exactly what we asked for! The fit was perfect, easy install and awesome sturdy material! Thank you!

Product review

Awesome windows

Capsules work seamlessly

I’ve been going back and forth between the capsules or the flairs and I am so glad I went with these. They give us more room than the flairs and look great.

Sprinter Side Steps
Jason Curran
Great quality

Great quality and easy install couldn’t be happier

Pedal Control System
Pedal Box Upgrade

My Sprinter had the dreaded off idle acceleration hesitation. I decided to try the Pedal Box upgrade. The install was really a plug and play. Unplug the OEM accelerator connector, plug in the Pedal Box connector and zip tie the excess cabling. Download the Pedal Box app on your phone and your good to go. I drive in the Sport mode most of the time. On long freeway trips, I'll put it into Eco mode which is similar to stock just without the hesitation. If you're trip includes a lot of hills/mountains leave it in the Sport mode. The Pedal Box is one of the best mods I've made to my Sprinter.

Sprinter Side Steps
Bill McDermott
Van Speed side steps

Received the side steps in good conditioned ( well packaged ( from California to North Carolina ) and in a reasonable time . Checked the instructions , gathered the tools needed and did self install in a days time . Best thing I have added to my 4x4 sprinter ( according to my wife ) definitely improved entrance/ exit of this tall van ! Also great build quality and price point !

Headliner shelf

Sturdy headliner shelf with partitions is nice. Installed pretty easy. Better use of space and have a nice insulated cab partition curtain from van gear that will install on this next week. Woohoo.

Comfort and Syle

I love the new look of my Sprinter with my new sidesteps from VanSpeed. The trip down from Santa Cruz to HB was worth the visit. I had the guys install the sidesteps in house at the Van Mart. There were quite a few sweet looking vans on property to grab future ideas from. The extra step getting in and out was definitely worth the investment. I also added the defender bumper and squadron lights. I wonder what I'm going to add next? Thank you to the entire team at VanSpeed!

Sexy Step!

The rear step makes the back of the van look sexy as hell! Easy install, hardest part was using a breaker bar to loosen the nuts on the factory installed trailer hitch. The Van Speed logo cut-out in the middle the step allows me to see the combination on my Hitchsafe lock where I store my key during surfs (little things count!). Customer service was great! Duran provided me with clear instruction to stop vibrational noise between the mounting bracket and the exhaust, took 5 minutes. One person install, super easy and it looks pretty sick!

Sprinter Side Steps
Tracy Mitchell
Nice and sturdy

My side steps have only been installed a few days, but so far I love them. They’re strong and sturdy and they look great. The shop that installed them even complimented on how nice they were and how strong and they loved the black coating. Thanks Van Mart


As usual, Vanmart got it to me quickly. The welds, texture, paint, and curves were perfect and so sticky on the eyes. I want sure how the brackets mounted and when I called, this super nice guy from Vanmart actually FaceTimed me to show me exactly how to do it. 30 minutes later, I had it installed. Could not be happier. Every product I’ve bought from them has been outstanding. Vanmart knows what they are doing and supports their customers so well. Working hard saving money to buy more gear from them. Other companies like the one with the hooting bird, make cool stuff but their customer service is terrible, not to mention my stuff from that company hasn’t even shipped but they were happy to take my money and it’s been 6 weeks since that order. I won’t go back. Vanmart rules! Thanks guys!

VANSPEED Baja Bumper
Evan Johnson
Baja Ready

I came across the Baja Bumper on a sprinter forum, it was a product everyone was raving about. I did some research and after checking out the specs, aesthetic and build quality I placed my order. My order arrived in a couple days and I installed it that afternoon. The Baja bumper is worth the hype. Quick install and looks insane on my 2021 Sprinter. 5 stars would highly recommend. *ill be installing some LP9s on it here soon!*

Sprinter Side Steps
Laura Burhenn
Love my side steps!

I didn't realize what a pain getting in and out of my lifted 4x4 Sprinter was until I got these installed. Love them! Total game changer!! Also, my van looks so cool with them. Appreciated the quick install the team gave while I waited!

Sprinter Side Steps
Michael Faircloth
Sprinter side steps

Ordering, shipping and delivery went smoothly. Very happy with quality and value. Installation strait forward and fairly easy. No issues.

Hood Struts

Super simple install and works perfectly. No brainer upgrade, very useful product.

Sprinter Side Steps
Brady Nielsen
Awesome side steps

Great addition to our sprinter, very high quality

Great carrier

Strong carrier, good customer service, answered all my questions, very helpfull

Vanspeed Rear Step
Laura Burhenn
Rear Step Love!

Bought the rear step with my Van Speed side steps and couldn't be happier. They make my van look cool as hell, and are also really practical for getting in and out of my lifted 4x4 Sprinter van. Super sturdy & pretty! Love the way the VS logo shadows on the road when the sun shines through it. Highly recommend.

Sprinter Side Steps
Rob Campbell

The sidesteps look and work great. The install was very manageable. I needed to do some custom work on the drivers side to fit my van ladder, and Duran was always quick to respond with options and assistance. I will definitely be utilizing Vanmart again for future van accessories.
Rob Campbell

Great service!

Haven’t installed it yet but it seemed legit and super well made. The service was amazing too!

Sprinter Side Steps
Shawn Ranaldo
Quality steps!

Very happy with my new sprinter 144 side steps.
A very well made product and fairly easy to install.
On a side note, i did have a small scratch on the bar part of the step. This was not the fault of Van Mart, the bud had a small hole in it, most likely from shipping company. Maybe just add some styrofoam in the box when you ship.
An install suggestion would be to make a plastic template with all the holes for the step. The holes on the step are blocked out by the bar so kind of hard to mark exact.
I made my own jig and just measures along the way. A template the same size as the pinch point under the van would be great. You could clamp the template in place and make pilot holes.
I installed these by myself and it took about 2 hours.
All in all, these steps are great looking and very durable.

Nice steps

Took a bit longer than expected to get them but it happens. People were very responsive when asked questions about estimated shipping and super nice. Steps are definitely high quality. Very glad i went with them and would definitely recommend the steps and the company.

The Hood Strut Kit
David Andrews
Excellent Process & Product

Easy to locate product, simple purchase process, very communicative every step of the way, simple and accessible instructions for install, love the product now that we have had it installed for a week or so. I would shop here again for sure!

Vantastic !!

I have bought several items from the Van Mart over the past year (seat swivels, capsules, windows and a defender bumper). The folks that work there have always been very helpful, quick to respond and eager to answer any questions.
Very happy with the service and the products I have bought.