The common road block to many people investing into the "van life' idea is the lack of space a van actually offers. You can do your best to tidy up your van, keep things organized, have multiple storage attachments on the rear and roof of your van however when it comes to actually creating more square footage there is really only a few options. One is to use cubic space but that can run out quickly. Two is to upgrade from a 144 Sprinter Van to a 170 Sprinter Van (we all know, you will incur an additional cost for a 170) or there is a second option. Your third option is adding capsules to your rear cabin of your sprinter van. Below is what a capsule looks:


A capsule is an aftermarket bunk extension that adds width to both the passenger and driver side rear cabin. By adding more width to the rear of your cabin you open up space to be able to lay down horizontally. In a Sprinter van without a bunk extension you will most likely find yourself curled up in a ball while resting/sleeping. The capsules, as seen below, give you an extra 11+ inches. The addition of extra space gives you the ability to lay down flat and enjoy a good nights rest. Another great benefit is the extra space gives you room to use as a shelf. You can put plants, picture frames, speakers or whatever type of decor you prefer into the rear of your Van. 

Exterior view w/ capsules

Interior view w/ capsules


There are different pop outs on the market but we found one to stand out more than the others. Here are five reasons why we recommend this bunker extension from VANSPEED:

1. Easy Install

Below is an install video:

2. Aesthetic Contour

Vanspeed designed this capsule to match the aesthetic shape of your van. From the clean edges and precise fitment, this upgrade looks like it was meant to be on your Sprinter. 

3. More Depth

Not all pop outs have the same depth. These capsules from VANSPEED give you 11 more inches of rear depth which is more than the average of other pop outs on the market.

4. Built in rain channel

These capsules have a channel that directs water off your van. Without a rain channel there is a greater possibility of water pooling or leaking into your van.

5. Made with premium materials 

This product is made from a lightweight fiberglass & made in the USA. It's comes primed and paint ready! 


Mercedes Sprinter Van Capsule

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Ford Transit Van Capsule

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If you have any other questions about capsules feel free to hit us up on the chat box or you can book a consultation with our van specialist here:



Hope to see you out on the road!

Safe & Happy Travels

-The Van Mart Team 


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