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Transit Floor Insulation System & Subfloor

Transit Floor Insulation System & Subfloor

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Need a floor insulation solution for your Transit conversion? Been scouring the web for a simple drop in solution only to be left scratching your head and more confused than when you started? Problem solved. Enter the AVC Insulated Flooring System. The system includes 3 floor pieces that key into the ribs of the van, 3 trim pieces that finish the edging of the floor, and a custom fabricated step that drops in at the entrance of the slider door. The floor is CNC cut using 1-1/2” Zip R Panel with 1/2” grooves routed out of the insulated foam so that it keys in to the floor of your van. The height above the top of the ribs is about 1”. The R value of the material is 6.6 so we suspect it may be slightly less than that because we route out some of the foam, but with the contours fitting perfectly to the ribs it creates a well insulated floor. Glue the floor down using contact adhesive (we recommend 3M 94), add your choice of finish material (we recommend vinyl floor for a durable seamless finish), and install trim and your floor is complete!

The two and three track options are specifically designed for the crew van. Select the 3 track option if you want to retain your 63” crew seat. Select the 2 track option if you want to replace the factory 63” 3seater with a factory 36” 2 seater and delete the far right (passenger) track.

Approx Panel Weights:




Shipped in custom Plywood Crate that can be reused for Van building material.

Lead Times: 4-6 weeks

*Patent Pending

*** Note: Step will no longer have the AVCRIG logo per customer request***

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