Indoor/Outdoor Shower (Quick disconnect)

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  • FEATURES | This unit has a durable ultra-tight seal and features a large range of settings that include shower, 1-in-2, jet, soaker, flat, mist, and cone. And this sprayer comes with a 15-foot hose.
  • DESIGN | This sprayer was designed to quickly connect the hose to the spray faucet. It features a whopping seven settings so you can easily adjust depending on your needs.
  • QUALITY | Constructed with premium grade synthetic resins for unparalleled durability. This sprayer is ideal for those wanting a high-quality product without the weight of an all metal unit.
  • INSTALLATION | You can install this faucet and sprayer incredibly fast and start using them immediately. No plumber or professional tools are necessary.
  • SPECIFICATIONS | The sprayer hose stretches 15 feet long and recoils to a compact 12 inches. Spray faucet is 6.05-inches long and 3.26-inches wide. This unit is fade- and corrosion- resistant.