We broke down this section into different parts you will need for each stage in your van build. Whether your starting from scratch or already half way through your van build, there is a something here for you!

PHASE 1 - The Basics

This is the where any van build starts. For a great build you need to start w/ a great foundation. The three items any van build will need is sound deadening, insulation, & ventilation.

Products we recommend below:

PHASE 2 - Power & Electrical

You are going to want to choose your power system and do all your pre-wiring before you get any further. If you decide to put up any type of walls up prior to this step your wires will be exposed and it is not a pretty site to have wires showing everywhere. That is why we recommend figuring out which power system/setup you are going to incorporate into your van before moving to any type of cabinetry items.

Products we recommend below:

PHASE 3 - Walls, Ceiling & Flooring

This next phase is where you can start getting creative. There are several different looks and routes you can go when it comes choosing your walls, ceiling & flooring. Whether your going for a modern look or industrial look there is something for everyone.

Products we recommend below:

PHASE 4 - Cabinetry, Storage, Bed Platforms & More

Depending on how you are planning to use your camper van will determine how you are going to design your interior space. We have set-ups that are great for long distance campers to set-up that are designed for a weekend getaway. How you plan to use your van will determine what you put inside it.

Products we recommend below:

PHASE 5 - Exterior Parts

Once your inside is built out your going to want to focus on your exterior. The exterior products that you add to your camper van are designed to elevate your camper van experience and maximize your travel on the road.

Products we recommend below: