If you are looking to build out your van but struggle or don't have the right tools or expertise on carpentry & cabinetry, you picked a good day to land on this blog!

In todays blog post we are going to focus on carpentry & cabinetry. This post coincides w/ our collection launch w/ our friends at Serg Supply who focus on artisan ready built cabinets, wall panels. kitchen galleys & more!


The first thing you are going to want to do before we get int0 the topic of carpentry is sound deaden, insulate & pre-wire your van. If you don't tackle these tasks first you may be setting yourself up for a serious headache later on. 

To learn more about sound deadening + insulation see blog post below:

To learn more about electrical see the following product:

Let's continue on.....

Assuming you already added sound deadening, insulation & pre-wired your van we can now move onto the next step that makes the most sense in a traditional van build.

Suggestion #1 // Wall Panel Kit

Unless you are wanting to stare at sheet metal, insulation & wires you are going to want to cover the walls of your sprinter van. There are many ways to do this and if you aren't familiar w/ wood work this may seem like a daunting task. Luckily our friends at Serg Supply desinged a pre-cut wall panel kit that is an easy DIY install.

This wall panel kit from Serge Supply is pre-cut for either a Sprinter 144 or 170 & is made from maple wood & is pre-finished. You have the option to add window cutouts designed for the Vanspeed Capsules or have solid walls.

Here is a look at the wall panel kit with solid walls:

Here is a look with the wall panel kit with windows cut out for the Vanspeed Capsules:

Shop wall panel kits here:

Wall Panel Kits for 144 & 170

Suggestion #2 // Trim Rings + VS Capsules

If you chose to add the wall panel kit with the window cut outs for Vanspeed Capsules the trim rings only makes sense right? If you are not planning on adding the Vanspeed Capsules or wall panel kit you can move onto suggestion #3.

The trim rings from Serg Supply are designed to trim up your Vanspeed Capsules and give you a clean workable finish. When paired w/ the wall panel kit you are looking at a clean modern look to your van build.

Here is a finished look when the wall panel kit is paired w/ the trim rings from Serg Supply:

 Shop Serg Supply trim rings here for Vanspeed Capsules: 

Trim Rings

Suggestion #3 // Ceiling Kit

What good is covering up your side walls if your ceiling is exposed? Not to worry Serge supply designed a beautiful ceiling kit to compliment your wall panels. 

This ceiling kit from Serge Supply fits either a Sprinter 144 or 170 & is made from maple wood & is pre-finished to give your sprinter van a clean & modern feel.

Shop ceiling kits here: 

Ceiling Kits for 144 & 170


Suggestion #4 // Wheel Well Boxes

Space in a sprinter van is minimal that is why utilizing your cubic space is vital. These wheel well boxes are not only designed to cover your wheel well but even more importantly, they create a storage place for a potential water tank, electrical system, clothes, blankets or other miscellaneous items you want to store.

To make this product even sweeter there is an option to add a removable bed frame. This bed frame sits on top of the wheel well boxes and is a great option for anyone looking for a bed platform with plenty of storage space underneath.


Shop wheel well boxes here: 

Wheel Well Boxes


Suggestion #5 // Kitchen Galley

If you are looking to hit the road for an extended amount of time a kitchen/fridge set-up is always a good call unless you are planning on always eating out or stopping at the grocery store.

This elegant and sturdy galley is a beautiful addition to your van conversion. This galley ships pre-assembled and ready to stain or install. This kitchen galley comes pre-built with a Black Nanotech Sink + Faucet + Soap Dispenser & a pre-installed Black Dometic CRX- 65E or 80E.

This pre-built galley is built from maple wood that is pre-finished & amber bamboo.

To make it even sweeter this galley comes pre-built with a Black Nanotech Sink + Faucet + Soap Dispenser.

Shop wheel well boxes here: 

Kitchen Galley


Suggestion #6 // Rounded Overhead Cabinets

Like we talked about earlier maximizing the space in your sprinter van is a vital component to any van build. These overhead cabinets do just that & are pre-assembled + ship in modular 40" sections (two doors) that may be combined for longer sections. 

These cabinets are constructed from maple wood & come pre-finished like the picture below.

Shop overhead cabinets here: 

Upper Cabinets




If you have any other questions about these products feel free to hit us up on the chat box or you can call us anytime Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST (657) 227-8433

Hope to see you out on the road!

Safe & Happy Travels

-The Van Mart Team 

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