The Top 3 Places in the US Take Your Camper Van During the Pandemic

The Top 3 Places in the US Take Your Camper Van During the Pandemic


As states navigate reopening procedures amid the COVID-19 outbreak, navigating van life has become a bit more difficult. Knowing where you can—and should—take your Mercedes Sprinters or other conversion vans on safe adventures can be a hassle. Here’s a quick guide on the best places in the United States to visit during the pandemic.

The Scenic South: Llamaland Tent Camping, Texas

Located in Tool, Texas, near the Cedar Creek Reservoir, this private ranch allows camper vans and RVs up to 45 feet long. It’ll cost you $30 to park overnight on this ranch, but your local host, Judy, will ensure that you get to feed and chill with her llamas. While the site is secluded in nature and has no amenities or hookups, the ranch is only a short drive away from civilization.

The Lightly Populated Desert: Willow Springs Trail, Utah

With gorgeous rocky views of Moab and no fees to park your conversion van, Willow Springs is a must-visit for anyone living life on the road. Close to both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and Dead Horse State Park, you can’t beat this scenic natural location. Before you visit any state park, make sure you check the National Parks Service site, since conditions are always changing.

The Northern Pacific Coast: Three Rivers Casino & Hotel, Oregon

The pacific coast of Oregon boasts tremendous cliffs, beautiful beaches, and scenic forest hikes. The parking lot at the Three Rivers Casino & Hotel is a great home base to stop at along the way. It’s free, but you’ll have to sign up for a player’s card. All-in-all it could cost you as little as $9 a night to park at this urban campsite. With great service, access to electricity, respectful neighbors (and security), this parking lot is close to the ocean, the forest, and civilization!


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