In this post we will be discussing the topic of side steps, why they are important, how easy they are to install & the product we recommend.


Don't let the looks fool you. Side steps make a big difference. If you don't trust us try and to go in & out of a sprinter van several times over a couple of days.... It is not fun.  Entering a sprinter van without side steps is like climbing Mt. Everest, especially if your Sprinter Van is a 4x4 or is lifted. Aftermarket side steps assist in entry and exit of your sprinter van to make your van life experience that much more enjoyable. 

Another key benefit of adding side steps to your van is that they help protect the bottom of your vehicle from large boulders or such obstacles. On that same note, side steps help block road debris from hitting the side of your sprinter which van cause paint damage.  


1. Is there flex or bow in the side step?

It is important to know how much flex or bow happens when applying pressure on the step (aka stepping on it). Too much flex is an indication of a weak support system or poor quality. Not all side steps have the same support beams or use the same steel so its important to do your homework and look beyond the aesthetic of the product. As the say looks can be deceiving.

2. What is the foot depth?

Not all side steps are engineered to accommodate a full  step without part of the foot coming off the side. What good is a side step if part of your food is falling off? Make sure to check the width of side steps before purchasing to make sure your foot size fits the steps.

3. Will they rust?

Metal will rust, especially if you live in a cold weather climate. Some side steps have a special coating to help resist rust build up. If you don't want your side steps looking like a 1950 vintage rally car this is an important feature to make sure your side steps have.

4. How hard are they to install?

If you are going to have a builder or dealership install these you can ignore this section. For the rest of you, installation time/process may be a deciding factor. If all hardware is included & instructions are properly written the average time it takes to install side steps is 1-2 hours.

5 Do they look bad a**?

There are good amount of side steps on the market. Trust us, not all look the same. If you are planning on getting side steps you might as well get a set that look cool and compliment your vehicles aesthetic.



Our product recommendation is The Vanspeed Side Steps and for good reason, they are selling fast & customers are raving about them. These side steps are sold as a pair. Both a driver & passenger side are included.

From first glance you will notice that they are a clean & low profile design that catches the eye. What you don't see is the hours & hours of meticulous design drafts, engineering renderings, multiple iterations, field tests & intentional meetings to ensure a seamless DIY install process for customers. These are some of the best side steps you will find on the market & we are proud to carry them at The Van Mart!


These side steps are an easy DIY install, just grab one other person to help hold the steps in place and have have your side steps up and running in 1-2 hours! All instructions + hardware are included with purchase.



Link to shop  >>  The Side Steps

If you have any other questions regarding side steps we would love to connect! Feel free to hit the chat button on our website or email us at and we will get back to you promptly! 

Safe Travels & Hope to see you out on the road!

- The Van Mart Team

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