In the ever-evolving world of overlanding The Van Mart x Vanspeed have always been committed to providing our communities with the best of the best. Our dedication extends to equipping your vehicles with the most reliable, durable, and technologically advanced gear on the market. With that said our good friends at Vanspeed (a top rated camper van builder) equipped one of their campers w/ an epic NEW navigation system from Garmin & we wanted to share Vanspeed's thoughts with you on this blog. 

For a sophisticated, top-tier navigation system, here is why Vanspeed overwhelmingly chose the Garmin Tread™ Overland GPS Unit:

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1. Designed for Off-Roading

The Garmin Tread is built with off-roading and overlanding at its core. This device offers topographic mapping, street maps, and public land boundaries, providing a comprehensive layout of your journey's terrain. With its intuitive interface, it gives users crucial insights into difficult paths and off-road routes - invaluable information when you're treading on unfamiliar ground. The Garmin Tread is not just a GPS; it's a dedicated co-pilot for your adventurous spirits.

2. Rugged and Reliable

As overlanders, we love our gear to be as tough as the journeys we undertake. The Garmin Tread showcases this characteristic with its water-rated, glove-friendly touchscreen that's clearly visible in bright sunlight. It's rugged and built to last, a key aspect when traversing rocky terrains, driving under scorching sun, or navigating through unexpected showers.

3. Group Ride Radio and Tracking

Communication is vital, especially when traveling in a convoy. Garmin Tread integrates Group Ride Radio and location sharing features without needing cellular coverage. This means we can keep tabs on up to 20 other riders, view their routes, and stay connected via push-to-talk radio, even in the most remote locations. It’s a perfect solution for ensuring the safety and cohesion of larger expeditions.

4. Integrated InReach® Technology

The Garmin Tread also offers compatibility with inReach® satellite communication technology. By connecting an inReach device, users can benefit from two-way text messaging, interactive SOS alerts, and weather forecasts - features that can be lifesaving during emergency situations and are, therefore, indispensable for overlanders and travelers alike


5. Abundance of Preloaded Data

Preloaded topographic and street maps of North and Central America, public land boundaries, 4x4 roads, forest service roads, backcountry trails, and more make Garmin Tread the ultimate overlanding companion. With over 400,000 miles of trails and the option to download additional maps and satellite imagery, the device offers an unmatched depth of data to guide your journey.

6. Mount Compatibility and Ease of Use

The Garmin Tread has a powered magnetic mount that makes it easy to install, remove, and switch between vehicles. We appreciate the thoughtfulness in this user-friendly design and find it particularly beneficial for our vehicles.

The Garmin Tread overland GPS unit is a real game-changer, combining functionality, durability, and technology in one device. It truly is the best navigation partner for our overlanding adventures. At Vanspeed we believe in investing in quality, and we cannot recommend the Garmin Tread highly enough for its commitment to delivering just that.

7. Exceptional Ease of Use

One of the most significant advantages of the Garmin Tread Overland GPS unit is its exceptional ease of use. It boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring quick access to maps, waypoints, routes, and other vital navigation features. The glove-friendly touchscreen facilitates use even under challenging conditions, and its intuitive controls simplify the process of inputting destination data, plotting courses, and customizing map views.

Its multi-GNSS support, which uses GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellites, makes the Tread's performance extraordinarily reliable and fast, ensuring you get your location data as quickly and accurately as possible. This means you spend less time fiddling with the device and more time enjoying your adventure.

The Garmin Tread also offers easy installation with its powered magnetic mount. It makes for quick installation and removal, which can be a major advantage when moving between vehicles or storing the device. Furthermore, its compatibility with the Garmin Explore™ app allows users to easily plan trips and share GPX files, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

With Garmin Tread, the focus is truly on simplifying your overlanding experience. It allows you to concentrate more on the journey itself, knowing that the guidance is reliable, the setup is quick, and any changes can be made effortlessly. It's this remarkable ease of use, combined with the Tread's robust set of features, that makes it such an essential tool for overlanders.


In essence, the Garmin Tread has empowered us to be bolder in our journeys. It has positively changed our approach to overlanding, made camping more convenient, and enabled a smoother off-the-grid experience. It's not just a device; it's an enabler of a freer, more adventurous way of life. Vanspeed and The Van Mart Give the “Garmin Tread” a score of:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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