Let's Take a Seat

Let's Take a Seat

Today we are going to cover how to add seating to your van while maximizing space. If you happen to read our blogs on a consistent basis you will see a recurring point of emphasis, which is "maximizing space in your van". This point of emphasis is based on customer questions & suggestions that we continually get asked!
With that said.....
Let us introduce you to The Freedman 3PT seat!
This foldaway seat is the optimal upgrade for any van builders who are
looking to add additional seating.
After bolting in this seat system, with a push of a lever, you easily have two additional places to sit with integrated 3 points seat belts.


Reason #1

Folds snug up against the wall with taking up almost no real estate so you still have plenty of room for other modular items.

Reason #2

Bolts to most wall and floor track configurations + 3PT seats are designed, built and tested to meet FMVSS 210.

Reason #3

Easy it is to operate. This system goes up or down into the seat position in 5 seconds. 

Reason #4

Integrated 3 point seat belt (shoulder and lap).

Reason #5

This seating system comes with built in brackets allowing you to attach 1-2  car seats.

Reason #6

These seats are actually comfortable. There may be a bad stigma when you hear “foldable” seat.. maybe that comes from all of those creeky foldaway beds at motels. Rest assured the Freedman is nothing like a Murphy!
So next time you are thinking of an easy way to add seating to your van while maximizing space, hit us up as we would love assist you in building the van of your dreams! 
Link to shop this seat system: 


Have you heard of a seat swivel?

A sweat swivel allows you to rotate your passenger or driver chair towards your cabin/living space so you can use it as an additional chair!

See it in action below:

Link to shop:



If you have any other questions about these two products feel free to hit us up on the chat box or you can book a consultation with our van specialist here:


Hope to see you out on the road!

Safe & Happy Travels

-The Van Mart Team 

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