Wall & Ceiling Insulation, 170 WB KIT

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We use 3M Automotive Thinsulate #710 gsm for wall and ceiling insulation.  This particular version was recommended to us by 3M automotive and is double black scrim, double embossed and lofts to a 44mm thickness. Includes 3M double-faced tape that we recommend for installation and is used in all out complete interior kits.

This roll comes pre-marked for your 170 WB Sprinter van so all you have to do is cut and install. This will save you several hours of measuring and making templates and you can get right to work installing the insulation. If you want to cut the panels yourself, we also offer unmarked rolls sold by the linear foot.



  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Model 170


  • 44mm thickness


  • Double black scrim
  • Double embossed

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