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The Van Compass rear swing-out system attaches to the strongest connection point on the rear of the vehicle.  Utilizing the bolts which secure the rear hitch to the chassis, we designed this swing-out system to be used in conjunction with the factory rear hitch.  There is no loss of ground clearance or departure angle over the factory rear hitch assembly with this swing-out system.   Additionally, retention of the OEM rear hitch means factory towing specifications are retained as well as no worries about warranty issues from full replacement bumpers or door mounted tire carriers.

The main base assembly of this system is made from laser cut and CNC formed ¼” thick plate steel.  It is an extremely strong unit that will not fail or fatigue even in the most severe conditions.  We have developed this swingout system for over 3 years before releasing it to the public to make sure it is strong, simple to use in all weather conditions and would withstand thousands of rigorous off-road miles without leaving our customers stranded with bumper misalignment issues or failed rear door structures. 

Bolting across the top of the OEM hitch and retaining our simple and effective pull pin latch mechanism is an integrated rear step that makes getting in and out of the van through the back doors much easier.  The spring loaded pull pins used to keep the swing-out in the open and closed position are made from stainless steel for corrosion free use for years.  All points of the swing-out where movement occurs feature stainless steel or nylon slider pieces to optimize the powder coat finish and prevent rust from forming. 

The main pivot assembly of the swing-out uses a 1.25” diameter solid steel spindle with a 2.25” diameter steel spindle housing which retains 2 tapered trailer axle bearings rated for much more than a simple tire.  The Van Compass swing-out system comes 90% assembled and needs no maintenance or lubrication once installed on the vehicle. 

This is a modular system, so when you’re ready to add a cargo box or bike rack to the other side of the vehicle, it’s as simple as bolting on the opposing side.  Several options will be available shortly for passenger side swing-out options.  As with all Van Compass parts, this rear swing-out system ships with all hardware needed for installation including license plate mounting lights.

*NOTE: Not Compatible with rear parking sensors.

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