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The Mercedes Sprinter is a utilitarian cargo vehicle by design.  It is built for work and versatility across a wide range of applications.  One such application is a fantastic platform on which to build the ultimate camper / overland adventure rig.  However, the downfall of most camper / adventure vans we’ve seen is that they have become a one trick pony.  Meaning, the versatility and utility of the van has been greatly limited by the interior build out. 

There are many platform / panel beds on the market today but none of them are all that practical when you really think about it.  For example, when your massive cargo van needs to be used to haul cargo, where does the bed and mattress go?  While some platform beds on the market can easily be removed from the vehicle, they are not easily stored.  Especially when a mattress is involved.

Enter the VC solution. Which, like all Van Compass products, is built to function.   Designed around a 4-6” Queen sized memory foam mattress split down the middle.  The Flip & Load Hinged Platform Bed allows your van to keep its versatility without the drawbacks often associated with built out camper van interiors.  Manufactured from 5052 AL sheet metal, solid 6061 T6 cross bars and weighing in at just over 100lbs, this bed system allows you to convert your van from overland adventure trekker to hardware store parts runner in less than one minute. 

Installation of this bed system requires mounting of L-track along the van’s body in the Mercedes recommended location as described in the detailed instructions below.   With the L-track mounted in this location, the bed ends up having 36” of clearance from the bottom of the bed to the van floor which allows for mountain bikes to be stored under the bed with the front wheel removed. 

This is a DIY kit and it is up to the installer to determine how to keep the bed in the up / open position.  This can be accomplished as easily as some eyebolts and straps mounted to the roof of the van as demonstrated in the images.   With the bed in the up position, enjoy the full versatility of the Sprinter van and haul motorcycles, lumber, tools, furniture, anything you can imagine.  Don’t turn your Sprinter into a one trick pony.  Build it into the do all workhorse Mercedes designed it to be using the Van Compass Flip & Load Bed.    

Product dimensions of folding panel in bed position. 

73 X 60" 


  • L-TRACK - We like to use Mac's versa track LINK

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