Power Bright APS600-12, 600W Pure Sine Inverter

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The Power Bright APS600-12 Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is capable of providing up to 600 watts of pure sine wave AC power from your truck, van, trailer or RV. Simply attach the inverter directly to a 12 Volt DC battery to power small appliances, laptops, TV's, gaming consoles, and many other electronics in your vehicle.

The APS600-12 inverter provides premium power identical to, or even better than, power supplied by the electric company. It's clean pure sine wave output has less than 3% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), resulting in easier start up on inductive loads, lower power consumption, brighter and sharper images on TV's and monitors, and better sound quality on audio systems.

The APS600-12 features two internally protected GFCI outlets for powering multiple loads, and is housed in an anodized aluminum case with heat sink design, providing greater durability and maximum heat dissipation. The Power Bright APS600-12 pure sine wave inverter is an excellent choice for powering sensitive mobile electronics and will provide you with clean AC household current anywhere you go.

  • Product Features

    • 600 watts continuous power output
    • 1,000 watts surge (peak power)
    • Pure sine wave output (< 3% THD)
    • 12 volt DC input
    • Two built-in GFCI protected outlets
    • Heavy-duty DC terminals for easy battery connection
    • LED power / fault indicators
    • Power on/off rocker switch
    • Remote switch capable
    • High-speed thermally activated turbo cooling fan
    • Electronic noise filter
    • Anodized aluminum case
    • One year warranty
  • Protection Features

    • Overload shutdown
    • Short circuit protection
    • Low voltage alarm (10.7 VDC)
    • Low voltage (10.0 VDC)
    • Over voltage (15.0 VDC)
    • Thermal protection


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