2007-2018 Sprinter Cargo Van Complete Interior Finishing Kit 170"W.B. Extended

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After years of performing van conversions, we decided to manufacture high-end kits and components that other shops and moderately skilled end-users could install to achieve the type of high-end work that we do here at the shop. Many hundreds of hours have gone into the research and development of these products. They are manufactured with tight tolerances which allow a precise fit every time.

  • This Interior Finishing Kit is Designed for a 170"WB Extended Body Cargo Van with Sliding Door Window added
  • Turn your "tin-can" cargo van into a insulated & finished van perfect for all of your outdoor adventures!
  • D.I.Y. Interior Finishing Kit
  • Designed with end-user installation in mind
  • Professionally CAD designed/engineered by RB Components
  • Select Layout guides and all fasteners are included


Insulation Kit (walls, ceiling, doors)
Standard Cargo Van Graphite Tweed Upholstered Wall Panel Kit
Standard Cargo Van Graphite Tweed Upholstered Ceiling Liner Kit(no light or vent fan provisions are available, installer must cut those)
Sliding Door Graphite Tweed Upholstered 2-piece Panel Kit (small panel above window area, larger panel below window area, nothing to cover window area as most people have or install a window there)
4-piece Upper/Lower Graphite Tweed Upholstered Rear Door Panel Kit (panels below and above windows) (special lower panels for vans with OEM rear door windows installed available at no extra charge - contact RB Sales)
2-piece Mini Texture Black Powder Coated Aluminum Rear Door Window Panel Kit (if van has rear door windows, these panels can be removed from kit which saves $269.98 from kit total)
B-Pillar Trim Kit, Graphite Tweed Upholstered (also includes correct replacement OEM plastic B-pillar trim panels which are needed to install our custom trim kit)
Sliding Door Frame Trim Kit, Graphite Tweed Upholstered
Rear Door Frame Trim Kit, Graphite Tweed Upholstered
Extra Graphite Tweed Fabric for wrapping wheel wells or other finish work, 54" x 72"
Black "TPO" coin flooring kit (170" Extended Body van includes 16 ft. of flooring plus 1 gallon adhesive)

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