Zamp Solar 20-Watt Kit - Prepackaged - Great for 2-4 Batteries

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Best for maintaining 12 volt batteries in medium to large RVs, this small solar maintainer kit provides a slow trickle-charge while your battery is in storage to make sure it stays full and healthy. This kit includes our 8-amp charge controller (weather resistant and pre-wired for your convenience) and three types of connecting cables so you have plenty of options for how to connect.

Included in this kit:

  • 20-watt solar maintainer panel

  • Pre-wired 8-amp, 5-stage, PWM charge controller

  • 5-foot Zamp SAE connector cable

  • 5-foot ring terminal cable

  • 5-foot alligator clip cable

*Please note that this kit does not include mounting hardware or feet