KC FLEX™ Array LED Light Bars- 40" Combo 250 Watts

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KC FLEX™ LED Light Bar Overview
The KC FLEX™ LED Light Bar is a breakthrough in light bar technology and the off-road community. KC FLEX™LED is a cutting-edge lighting platform designed to deliver the industry's first modular, scalable and personalized off-road lighting experience.

Engineered Optical Performance
Offered in 10" - 50" options, the KC FLEX™ LED Array can fit on just about any application you can imagine. Whether you are racing through the Baja 1000 or catching some weekend vibes, this light bar will perform for you.

Our future-forward design boasts an impressive 50w to 250w of LED power in a combo spot/spread beam pattern. The 5-core to 25-core aluminum design features a power-focused patent-pending system that allows for endless linking and stacking.

Our engineering team took things a step further by using precision injected reflector optics to give you race-level performance light output and optical clarity, so nothing is left unseen.

Stack, Connect, Done.
Want to scale up, down or side to side? Go for it. The KC FLEX™ LED Array linker kits and pass-through power bus allow you to scale and modulate on the fly. Whether you want to stack another full-size light bar or add additional singles, the KC FLEX™ LED will provide you the freedom you deserve to do so.

Get creative with it and style your build with custom colored Bezels. The KC FLEX™ LED comes standard in KC Gold bezels, but are also available in black, blue and red variations.

The KC FLEX™ LED Light Bar was truly designed to meet the needs of today while giving you unlimited possibilities for tomorrow.

KC FLEX™ LED Light Bar Features
-Die-Cast Aluminum Housings
-KC Precision Reflector Optics
-Patent Pending Pass-Through Power Bus
-Spot Beam or Combo Spot/Spread Beam Pattern
-LED Source: CREE XM-L2 U2
-Voltage: 9V-18V
-IP Rating: IP68
-Product Dimensions: W - 11.375"-51.375" x H - 2.45" x D - 3.25"

10" KC FLEX™ LED Array
-Amp Draw: 5.0A
-Wattage: 50W
-RAW Lumens: 4,875 lm
-LUX @ 10 meters: 1,200 lx or 1,150 lx
-Candela: 120,000 cd
-Beam Distance (Meters): 693m or 678m

The 10" light bar is great for smaller applications such as front bumpers, hoods, grilles, roof racks in any direction, UTVs, and much more. Mounting dual 10" light bars is becoming an increasingly more popular lighting option as well, offering even greater versatility for your specific lighting and driving needs.

20" KC FLEX™ LED Array
-Amp Draw: 10.0A
-Wattage: 100W
-RAW Lumens: 9,750 lm
-LUX @ 10 meters: 1,900 lx
-Candela: 190,000 cd
-Beam Distance (Meters): 872m

The 20" light bar is also great for smaller applications front bumpers, hoods, grilles, roof racks in any direction and can be mounted to just about anywhere you can imagine.

30" KC FLEX™ LED Array
-Amp Draw: 15.0A
-Wattage: 150W
-RAW Lumens: 14,625 lm
-LUX @ 10 meters: 2,700 lx
-Candela: 270,000 cd
-Beam Distance (Meters): 1,039m

The 30" light bar is a great choice for medium applications such as full-length bumpers, roof racks, and grilles. The 30" FLEX provides more than enough coverage on roads where slow speeds are more common. The 30" KC FLEX LED is also commonly installed as a full-length, overhead lighting option on some UTVs. For greater performance or larger vehicle applications, you may want to consider 40" and 50" KC FLEX™ LED light bar options.

40" KC FLEX™ LED Array
-Amp Draw: 20.0A
-Wattage: 200W
-RAW Lumens: 19,500 lm
-LUX @ 10 meters: 3,700 lx
-Candela: 370,000 cd
-Beam Distance (Meters): 1,217m

The 40" light bar will serve as a true full-length roof rack or grille light bar on a full-size truck, Jeep or SUV. In offering superior trail and medium to high-speed race lighting performance, it positions itself as an excellent all in one lighting upgrade for your rig or vehicle. The 40" FLEX signifies true full-length light bar output with versatile, compact form factor.

50" KC FLEX™ LED Array
-Amp Draw: 25.0A
-Wattage: 250W
-RAW Lumens: 24,375 lm
-LUX @ 10 meters: 4,400 lx
-Candela: 440,000 cd
-Beam Distance (Meters): 1,327m

For the ultimate compact, full-length off-road light bar performance, look no further than the KC FLEX™ LED 50" light bar. When distance and clarity is of utmost importance, the 50" FLEX outshines the competition. Complete your build with the pinnacle in lighting performance and leave the competition in the dust.

KC FLEX™ LED Array Light Bar Kit & Features:

Deluxe Wiring Harness with weatherproof connectors and light switch

Combining KC precision injected reflector optics and efficient LEDs to deliver up to 4,400 lx @10m of race performance light output and optical clarity.

Comes complete with a u-bracket that mounts FLEX LED Singles easily in tight spaces.

-Spot Beam: Provides focused bright light for maximum forward distance and high-speed visibility.
-Combo Beam: A combo beam pattern, with perfectly angled Spot & Spread reflectors, for maximum forward distance and improved peripheral illumination along road edges

Using an IP68 rated Die-Cast Aluminum Housing with a hard-coated polycarbonate lens, KC FLEX™ LEDs are tested and approved by race teams for extreme durability in harsh terrains.

Available Part Numbers
• 10" KC FLEX™ Array LED Light Bar System - Spot Beam - KC #273
• 10" KC FLEX™ Array LED Light Bar System - Combo Beam - KC #275
• 20" KC FLEX™ LED Light Bar System - Combo Beam - KC #274
• 30" KC FLEX™ LED Light Bar System - Combo Beam - KC #276
• 40" KC FLEX™ LED Light Bar System - Combo Beam - KC #277
• 50" KC FLEX™ LED Light Bar System - Combo Beam - KC #278