Universal 3 Rocker Switch Panel

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Color: Green LED


  • The Aluminium panel Dimension:3.94"x4.33"x3.54"(Length*Width*depth), Portiforium Dimension: 8.2cm x 6.2cm ( 3.22in x 2.44in)
  • The 3 gang DC12V/24V on-off switch,power socket and 5V 3.1A(2.1+1) dual USB approved Rhos/CE/UL Certify, Totally made of Environment Friendly material.
  • Suitable for DC 12V/24V Systems, switch Panel is pre-wired.
  • With screws,3 terminal connectors(for switch wiring with device) and 4 pcs 16-14AWG Insulated Heat Shrink butt Terminal for installing well
  • Easy to install: only put the item into the switch hole, fix it with screws and then you can begin to use it.

Publisher: IZTOSS

Details: Description on Panel board

-New Quality Aluminium Metal

-Great to customize the control panel for vehicle

-Install 2 round modules and 3 Rocker switches of your choice

Description on Rocker Switch

-High-end luxury switch with LED indicator light

-CE Certified

-Made of environmentally friendly anti-retardant materials

-12-24v car universal voltage (20Amp on 12Volt 10Amp on 24Volt)

-Unlike some knock off rocker switch which marked 15 Amp but support less than 12Amp, our switches are capable of handling real 20Amp current on 12 Volt

-Output circuit protection, overload protection & reverse polarity protection

-Waterproof casing will protect the switch from rain or coffee spill

-Submerged in water operation is not recommended

Description on Dual USB Power Charger

-USB socket Input: 12V

-USB socket Output: 5V 3.1A

-LED light indicator built in

-Waterproof casing will protect the charger from rain or coffee spill

-Rubber cover should be on to protect the device from moisture