Sprinter Agile 28 gal AUX Fuel tank (Spare tire location)

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Extended range fuel tanks not only prevent you from being stranded but allow you and your family to explore deeper into the wilderness than ever before. We worked exclusively with Aero Tanks to design and manufacture this auxiliary fuel tank for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans.

Yes, will our tanks allow you to go further between fill-ups, but that’s useless if they hamper the off-road capabilities of your rig. By mounting our auxiliary tanks as centrally as possible underneath your rig we keep the center of gravity low to ensure predictable handling on unpredictable terrain. Our tanks are internally baffled to prevent sloshing. And the aluminized steel construction and integrated skid plates will protect them from corrosion & impact damage for years to come.

This is a transfer-style auxiliary tank. Fuel is pumped in and out of this tank through the main tank via a switch-controlled electric fuel pump.

Vehicle Fit:

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Second Generation: 2007 – Present


  • 28 Gallon Capacity
  • Mounted underneath the rear of the vehicle where OEM spare tire would be (note: requires spare tire relocation to rear bumper/door/etc.)
  • Includes high-volume fuel transfer pump

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