Perfromance Pedal Box - Sprinter

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DTE PedalBox for late model Sprinters 2007-2018

The PedalBox changes the characteristics of the throttle pedal. Vehicles are designed for the “average” and to suit all conditions. The PedalBox optimizes the throttle response, and removes the factory “lag”.


The PedalBox Reduces the pedal travel required to reach the “Throttle Wide Open” position.

  • Suitable for Gasoline or Diesel engines
  • Suitable for manual or automatic transmissions
  • Reduced lag on automatic gear changes
  • Transmission applies power evenly
  • Ready to use in seconds
  • Sprinter specific programming

Safety standards.
Electronic throttle. All electronic throttles installed in certified cars have to comply with strict
safety standards, including redundant signal paths and specific protocols to ensure the safe
functioning of the throttle at all times. The ECU constantly monitors the throttle’s safety
signals to prevent malfunctioning and unintended acceleration or deceleration.
The PedalBox is designed in a way that ensures that all required safety measures of the
original throttle continue to work as intended. Through redundant components and signal
paths, the PedalBox ensures and complies to the same safety mechanisms as the original
throttle itself. Thus, the ECU’s safety mechanisms are kept active and remain unchanged by
an installation – any potential malfunctioning of the throttle including the connected PedalBox
remains to be traceable.
Other vehicle parts. The PedalBox is connected solely to the electronic throttle and does not
have any direct effect on other parts like engine, engine management systems, gearbox,
turbo or ECU. By design, there are no changes whatsoever in original vehicle parts,
registered engine characteristics such as power or torque, emissions or braking behavior
beyond the original car’s working range with an analogous, appropriate driving pattern. As
the device only influences the existing throttle signal, the functioning of the device equals an
adjusted way of how a driver physically pushes or releases the throttle. Such as various
drivers have different ways of how to use the throttle, the PedalBox creates an adjusted
driver behavior within the original range of the throttle.

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