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5 things to help you enjoy the road more! From The Van Mart -Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker Keep the tunes going wherever you're going wirelessly!   -07+ High Roof Sprinter Hanging Shelves  You can never have enough organization, especially in a sprinter! Make use of that extra headroom to store your goods! -Outdoor Portable Power Station  Keep the power flowing at all times! Great for emergency uses or even just use it as a mobile charging source. Simple as charge the station up and take it anywhere and always have juice for any device. -2018 Rand Mcnally Road Atlas Perfect for finding...

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Picking Out the Perfect Van Many people go through an elaborate process of finding the perfect home. Lots of television shows feature happy couples meticulously searching for the "perfect" home, often looking like characters from a romantic comedy. This seems to be the dream for many American couples. Often times we are told that we need to "settle down", which often means buying an overpriced house we may not even want. We are told we must have a permanent residence and a job that keeps us in one place five days a week. If all of this sounds like bologna...

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