5 Necessities For The Road!

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5 Necessities For The Road!

Blog: 5 Necessities For the Road!

There are a lot of things that are really useful for the road but here are my top five that you will encounter on your first trip!


-Rugged Geek RG1000 Portable BoostPak – $109.99


This is a must-have not just for emergency situations but also for pleasure. For example, this BoostPak by Rugged Geek can serve your worst problems from being stuck on the road with a dead battery to dead electronic devices or even in case you need a reliable flashlight this is for you! This necessity can jump-start your car no problem and has multiple other features that make it super versatile. Besides being able to jump-start your car, some other features on this include multiple charging ports for various devices and if that’s not enough there’s a bright LED flashlight built in right next to the LED screen that displays vital information about input/output battery levels on the device.




-Evadry E-333 Renewable Mini-Dehumidifier – $14.97


At just 15 bucks this is a steal considering the benefits you will receive from it. A problem with vans from going to a warm and cool climate with this happening the metal panels cause condensation, not a lot but over time that can add up. This Evadry E-333 Dehumidifier will cover up to 333 cubic feet which is plenty for any van and you will have that relief of not worrying about mold for a while. To be exact 10 years of this device without any cord, batteries or mess this can potentially save your life or even help you live in a cleaner environment.




-Foval 200w Inverter – $22.98


For just under 23 bucks you can say “goodbye!” to the constant struggle of having multiple USB chargers plugged in. Well, now you can have multiple 110v house outlets tagged along with that giving you the ability to charge your computer, phone, wireless speaker while blending up a smoothie or at least that’s what I would use that extra outlet for…up to you! This plugs straight into your 12v cigarette outlet or can be wired straight from your solar panel batteries for ease of installation you can have this charging your electronics faster than you can snap a beautiful picture of the sun setting over the hills.




-Igloo Dry-Erase Refrigerator - $226.39


This is the mini fridge that will get you going without breaking the bank. This fridge has enough space to store your essentials on those weekend warrior trips or weeklong travels. The inside of the fridge cant is configured many different ways to store big and small and everything in-between objects. This fridge also has a dry erase board on the door to put reminders or even draw pictures of your trip!





-Olympian Wave Portable Gas Heater – $215.16


Even when your vehicle is fully insulted there are some nights that it will get chilly. Thank god for this little compact heater you can take anyway and it is super easy to store! This 3000 BTU heater will keep your space plenty warm at night and while having a safety shut off valve it is safer than most heaters on the market. Oh! Did we mention it has a 1-year warranty? That should say this ain’t no junk!



Happy Travels!


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